say hello, wave goodbye

there’s a favorite David Gray song whose tune has been rambling through my head in the past couple days as I fill boxes, make trips to donation centers, unearth long-lost items that become new treasures. a song about closing one door and opening another – it’s how I’m feeling as our little family stands at this starting line and as I help guide a little one who is struggling with what must feel like an enormity to her.

so, this week we slow down and to-do lists get put aside. we get out those long-lost treasures and rediscover them anew.  I sit while I get my ‘hair done’ with a hundred clips and hundreds more giggles. we’ve stopped it all to paint finger-nails and toe-nails, make momma’s special gluten free pumpkin muffins and know how blessed we are when friends swoop in and graciously take your little one so you can manage this all. we marvel at how our home looks when furniture leaves for a new home — leaving us with ample floor space to have visiting Gramma’s join you in play that’s so needed, so connective, so grounding. and then there’s this – this is how the week has unfolded in its truest form …

end of our summer days - ourtreknorth-wordpress-comso while we spend our last full day here at the old house, getting ready for the new house and first days of school, it’s that moment that I’m holding onto. the little one and her always loving, always patient fat-cat and their wonderfully strong bond. a moment of bare floors, of moving boxes and packing tape, of laughter and love — something that has always been in ample supply in this house all these years.

but, in the pit of my stomach is a knot that won’t leave – it’s part excitement and part momma-worry – that the leap we’re taking is a good leap. but it’s a leap that has to be taken – and it’s a leap that’s healing as it is allowing this little family to trust again that schools do ‘do right’ by every child and shouldn’t have to be an uphill battle for quality, no matter what skills you bring to the collective table. today, I’m grounding myself in the opening and closing of chapters and of doors, literal and figurative. saying hello while waving goodbye and always, always keeping our faces to the sunshine.