about us

me and my girlie

a momma and a little one

we’re leaving the city and heading to wider pastures, cleaner air and so many stars in the night sky we’re amazed at what we were missing behind those city lights.

we’re joining family and allowing cousins to grow their already deep connection.

we’re giving small-town ‘school in a building’ a chance since big-town ‘school in a building’ was the reason for creating ‘our school at home‘.

we’re finding a way to slow down, to tune in and to nurture souls and beings as we venture together … as a family.

join us on our adventures – there will surely be a lot of them as we’re not known to just sit around!

{oh, and that amazing photo above? a huge thanks goes to Jenn at Sugar Photography for the amazing photo’s she took of us for a project on families formed through adoption … want to know our story? well, click here


3 thoughts on “about us

  1. Glad of your decisions and you know you are right. Nothing you have done with/for M has been wrong. Enjoy and remember to breathe yourself.

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