a week ago I sat in a small office with a wee spit-fire of a woman who has become more than just the little one’s special education teacher and IEP team case manager — she’s become someone I trust. someone I can confide in. someone who I know, deep down, cares for the little one completely – for her learning and for who she is as a person.

that time together, a week ago, we sat and signed a 25+ page well crafted and well planned IEP for the little one. there were some changes I had asked for that were immediately given – little more OT here, little bit of clarification to safety goals there and some finessing of so much more. page after page of goals and objectives and, dare I say, genuine care for this child and this child’s success. there is nothing so humbling than seeing page after page of interventions for your child but I signed it without hesitation. I trust that the words written on those pages will be carried out and reviewed continually. I trust that the team that surrounds this child is beyond compare and that every day they go above and beyond (and then beyond again). not because they have to but because they want to.

~ ~ ~

measuring-ourtreknorth-wordpress-comso, tonight, the little one and I sifted and poured, counted and tied, decorated and lovingly signed a name to each and every single card – often asking “who’s this for?” and smiling broadly when I said each name. there are twelve bags filled with the same treat from our family – it’s not much but it’s from the heart.

{and it comes from deep within our family heart, which is so full of gratitude}

twelve bags for twelve dedicated educators, therapists, one-on-one aides. twelve dedicated people who support this child through her day and cheer on the small and large successes. this is her village. this is my village – my people who so genuinely give to her – and, in turn, give to

to our school therapists (speech, OT, behavioral and even adaptive PE) and educators (general, special and amazing one-on-one) and our private therapists (music, speech and counseling) – I have no words for my gratitude for what you so beautifully give to this child. she would not be where she is today without each of you doing what you do so very, very well.

this. this is our village – up here in the north in our little home and school in the woods.



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