in this moment, I am grateful …

.::.  for the fresh-fallen snow that creates a new playground for young and not-so-young alike

.::.  for little ones who remind us of what bravery looks like in real-time, even when the scary thing is getting up the courage to just stand by the big-guy with the white beard in the red suit

.::.  for notes from friends telling of wonderful family news, for notes from friends reaching out to tell of some family sorrow and notes from friends telling of the mixed emotions bundled of growing their family through foster-adoption

.::. for days working at home with a large furry companion who never leaves my side, ever

.::. for schools and teachers and therapists who have created a space of support, of learning, of being appreciated at all moments (and for a little one who would rather go to school and not miss her occupational therapy than to stay at home with her momma on a snowy day … that’s bigger than you can ever imagine) 

.::. for new local friends who joyously welcome your little one off the bus for an impromptu afternoon play-date and for blogger-friends who place a sweet note your inbox with the most gentle and heartfelt of messages that just linger in their thoughtfulness

.::. for the upcoming holidays {and a certain birthday} and the mixed bag of emotions they bring as we remember holidays past while celebrating today and celebrating the future, together

.::. for the time spent reflecting on this year’s word (mercy) and choosing another word to sustain, guide and ground for the upcoming year (go, tell my buddy alece what you’re choosing for your word, here and here)

.::. for our new home … it’s not much, but it’s ours and it’s the place that’s just begging us to make some memories inside its space

.::. for this ..

ourtreknorth-wordpress-com-gratitude4 ourtreknorth-wordpress-com-gratitude2ourtreknorth-wordpress-com-gratitude3 


thanks for the inspiration, kim @ mothering with mindfulness, for your post with the same title and reminder of living intentionally in the moment

.::. and your moments of gratitude today or even this moment … how do they shape your moments? .::.


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