embracing and acknowledging firsts

:: first toad caught in the backyard who fit so nicely on a momma fingertip

:: first bee sting on a little finger

:: first evening of backyard play with the neighborhood ‘gang’

:: first ‘crazy hair’ caterpillar spotted and, as you do, befriended

:: first encounter with a rafter of wild turkeys stopping us in our tracks, literally

{this momma’s} first day of the new job coming up — so we’re practicing our new normal with …

… first mornings of riding the bus to school!

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in our old city, the little one would long to ride the bus to her city school but never wanted to venture to this uncharted territory. this momma would hear ‘it’s too much, just too much‘. so as a work-at-home momma, we had the undeniable luxury of driving to and from school.

this town is different in countless ways and the little one feels it deep in her bones. riding the bus to your neighborhood school is a neighborhood thing and a place where you can connect with that gang of buddies who backyard hopped in wonderful play just last night.

this morning the little one said ‘I’m excited … and a little nervous’ when waiting at the bus stop at the end of the neighbors driveway, hands wringing a little for good measure. but right beside her was a friend and classmate who already had those “first” feelings when school started a week or so ago and was there to guide the little one. never mind the bus driver that greets each child by name, including the little one who was greeted with a warm “I’m so glad I get to drive you to school!”, making this momma’s heart simply swell.

I can’t wait for more firsts as the year goes by — and certainly as the years go by. but I’m also relishing the normalcy that comes after the firsts — lets call them the seconds and thirds — the ones where the flutters in your belly float away, where you find your footing solid underneath you, where your heart begins to sing and wings spread wide. these are the moments where seeds planted take root, flowers bud, and dreams take flight.

as much as I love experiencing firsts — it’s the seconds and thirds I long for.

3 thoughts on “embracing and acknowledging firsts

  1. I absolutely love this post! I am in awe of this amazing little one, who in so many ways guides those around more than she will ever know, her momma too. I’m in a place of longing for the sure footing and longing for the normalcy of 2nds and 3rds as well. She is handling her firsts so well, I’m sure that sure footing will come before you know it. You’ll be wondering, when did all this happen. Sending tons of love!!! Xoxo

  2. This is beautiful. Makes me long for simpler days, a simpler life where riding the school bus with neighborhood friends was the norm. I am so happy that you have found such a place. And oh – those seconds and thirds – reading this post has just stopped me in my tracks with gratitude for all of the seconds and thirds that I feel in my heart but perhaps have not taken the time to acknowledge. Thank you.

  3. Yes, those “seconds and thirds” are the most poignant ones it seems. It is wonderful that you’re experiencing those firsts together and truly enjoying them for what they are…a pathway to bigger and better

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