standing {again} at the starting line

after over a year of trying to fit round pegs into square holes with our urban school district, homeschooling became the solution.

and while homeschooling is incredible and fulfilling and feels just so right in its amazing connective way, it is also a hard to juggle working full time and homeschooling … and attempting to do both isn’t the solution either.

come north, a family member said … keep working to support your family and use the really good small-town dedicated school district. join us where life is a little slower and a little easier and where cousins can play and grow without worry that seeing each other again happens only in some distant point in the future.

so, we’re packing boxes and bags and sorting and sifting though years of living in this wonderful urban home. we’re saying goodbye to what we’ve known for this period of our lives and heading to where there’s more trees than buildings, more open green spaces than concrete and so many stars at night … so, so many twinkling stars it’s amazing we’ve been missing all of them behind those city lights.

follow along … we’re a family who is full of adventures, found and created!


2 thoughts on “standing {again} at the starting line

  1. So excited for you both!! And your family who will have you close, and a bit jealous. ;). Make so many memories, have fun, enjoy the slower pace, and wish on one of the many stars for us!

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